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Stephanie's Teaching Schedule

Stephanie's Fall Quarter 2018

Fall quarter will start Monday, September 17 and will go through Thursday, November 29. Makeups will be the week of December 3.

Fall Quarter Lesson Times

Allene 2:00 pm Tuesday
Chloe 7:30 pm Thursday
Dolores 5:30 pm Wednesday
Eli 1:45 pm Wednesday
Erin 6:30 pm Thursday
Gabriel 4:00 pm Monday
Harriet 12:45 pm Wednesday
Isabelle 5:00 pm Monday
Karen 1:00 pm Monday
Kate 5:15 pm Wednesday
Michelle 4:00 pm Tuesday
Niloufar 12:30 pm Tuesday
Paula 4:30 pm Tuesday
Priscilla 5:45 pm Wednesday
Teresa 3:00 pm Tuesday
Yun 11:45 am Wednesday

Your individual invoices show your specific fall quarter lesson dates, including vacations, reschedulings, etc. as of August 7. Please keep track of any additional schedule changes that we agree upon after this date – those changes will not be posted here!

Future quarters

Dates are not finalized, but the tentative plan is:

Winter 2019
Winter quarter will start Monday, January 7 and will go through Thursday, March 14. Makeups will be the week of March 18.

Spring 2019
Spring quarter will start Monday, April 8 and will go through Thursday, June 13. Makeups will be the week of June 17.

Read Stephanie's Summer 2018 Newletter

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