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November 2022 Newsletter

Online vs. In-Person Lessons
Breaking News: As I write this newsletter, both Rick and I are recovering from Covid. We have no idea where or how we got it, but we are both doing well. At this time, I truly don't know how this might affect when I might feel comfortable resuming in-person lessons. This is a new situation, and it is something I will certainly be thinking about in the coming weeks. For now, I will be continuing with all-online teaching. I still to want to get back to in-person lessons, but I also still need to protect my students (who will be playing and sharing my harps) and my 87-year-old mother (who fortunately, did NOT catch Covid with us).

I will work with each of you individually as I decide how to proceed. For those students who prefer and/or need online lessons, I plan to continue them for the foreseeable future, even after in-person lessons are again available.

Winter Quarter 2023 Dates
Winter quarter will be the weeks of January 9 – March 13, with makeups the week of March 20.

Spring 2023 Rates and Dates
As many of you know, I did not raise my rates between 2018 and 2022 due to the difficulties we all faced during the pandemic. As things continue to return to normal, I will be reviewing my lesson rates regularly to keep in line with inflation. Please note that this increase is only about half of what it would take to get back to my inflation-adjusted 2018 rates. As of Spring quarter 2023, my rates will be:

  • 30 minutes: $52
  • 45 minutes: $72
  • 60 minutes: $90
Spring quarter will be the weeks of April 10 – June 12. Makeups will be the week of June 19.

Timely Payment – Thank you!
Thank you all for being much better about sending your payments in a timely manner – once again, not one of you was late last quarter! I very much appreciate it.

Cancellation / Illness Policy Reminder

  • Cancellations due to illness may be rescheduled for any available time during the quarter. A credit will be issued if rescheduling is not possible. There is currently no limit to the number of cancellations due to illness in a quarter – please do not abuse this, or there will be!
  • Lack of practice is not a valid reason to cancel lessons –we can *always* put your lesson time to good use.
  • Lessons cancelled more than 24 hours in advance may be rescheduled. If rescheduling is not possible, the lesson fee will either be credited to the next quarter or refunded. This is limited to a maximum of 2 lessons per quarter unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Please remember that no credit, refund, or makeup will be issued for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice, except in case of illness.
  • Lessons cancelled by me (e.g., when I'm sick) will be rescheduled if possible. If rescheduling is not possible, the lesson fee will either be credited to the next quarter or refunded.

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