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Can you play outdoors?
Yes, I do it all the time. The only requirements are that the harp must be on a flat surface in the shade. In case of rain, the harp must be thoroughly protected (a rain plan is always a good idea!)

Can you move the harp between locations?
Yes. It takes 15–20 minutes to move between locations (at the same site), and even less time if help is available. There is no additional charge for this.

Does the harp need amplification?
I have found that amplification is useful when playing outdoors, or when playing in a situation with background noise (such as at a reception). I can provide a small battery-powered amplifier for this purpose, so there is no need for a power cord. I can also hook up to any sound system that takes a standard microphone input. There is no additional charge for amplification.

How early do you arrive to set up?
I arrive approximately one hour before performance time in order to set up, tune the harp, and attend to any last-minute changes that might crop up.

How early do I need to book?
Most people book 3–6 months in advance, although I've had bookings vary from over a year in advance, to just a few days. Popular dates such as Saturdays in the summer tend to fill up the most quickly.

What kind of music can you play on a harp?
Just about anything you can play on a piano — classical music, popular songs, folk music, and so on.

Where should I use harp music in my wedding?
I can play for as much (or as little) as you choose. For a wedding I typically play the prelude while people arrive, the processional, and the recessional. Sometimes I also play during the ceremony itself, perhaps during the lighting of a unity candle. See also Selecting Your Wedding Music.

How do I select my ceremony music?
Don't worry if you aren't sure exactly what music you'd like — that's what I'm here for. An in-person consultation is included for all weddings, during which I will help you select your music. I can provide suggestions based on what you're looking for, and I play a variety of selections for you to choose from.

Can you play reception music?
The harp provides lovely, elegant background music. I frequently play for cocktail hour following a wedding, and sometimes through dinner as well. The only thing I can't do is dance music — the harp just isn't well suited for that.

Do you accept special song requests?
Yes. The only thing I ask is enough time to find and learn the music. There is no charge for this. I may not be able to accommodate every request (for example, if the music is no longer published or it is extraordinarily expensive), but I have been able to satisfy the vast majority of the requests I have received.

Can you accompany a singer or another instrumentalist?
Yes, and have often done so. I do require a rehearsal with the other performer, and there is an additional charge for this.

How long have you played the harp?
I have played the harp professionally since 1993, and it has been my full-time business since 1998. I play from 40–60 events annually, mostly weddings and receptions. In addition to the harp, I have played the piano and french horn for over 35 years.

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