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Camac Harps www.camac-harps.com
Dusty Strings www.dustystrings.com
Harp.com www.harp.com
The Harp Connection www.harpconnection.com
HarpGigs.com www.harpgigs.com
Harp Mall www.harpmall.com
Harp Spectrum www.harpspectrum.org
Harps by William Reese www.traditionalharps.com
Lyon & Healy Harps www.lyonhealy.com
    Lyra Music Company
    Salvi Harps
    Stephanie Curcio Publications
    Sylvia Woods Harp Center
    Triplett Harps
    Vanderbilt Music
    Venus Harps
    Virginia Harp Center
Harp Organizations / Publications
American Harp Society www.harpsociety.org
Harp Column www.harpcolumn.com
The Harp Gathering www.harpgathering.com
ISFHC (International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen) www.folkharpsociety.org
Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American Harp Society www.scvharp.org
World Harp Congress www.worldharpcongress.org

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