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Annual Harps for the Holidays Concert

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bay Area Holiday Harp Concert Ensemble
Come and enjoy an afternoon of festive harp music at our nineteenth annual holiday concert! The program will include a selection of seasonal music, including traditional carols and popular holiday music. We will feature harp solos along with the sight and sound of more than twenty harps performing together in our studio ensemble. We are delighted that our guest artist this year will be multi-instrumentalist John Metras, who will provide a rare opportunity to hear two harps that are both distinctly different from the classical and folk harps most of us are familiar with. He will be playing both a cross-strung harp and a traditional Paraguayan harp.

Harpist John Metras

John is best known for his promotion of the cross-strung harp, an instrument that is not heard as frequently as the better-known pedal and folk harps. John won first prize in the Lyon & Healy International Pop and Jazz Harpfest playing his entire set on the cross-strung harp. He has performed and taught at numerous major harp conferences over the years, as well as teaching guitar, band and general music in California public schools for over 30 years. He particularly enjoys playing jazz, show tunes, standards and Latin music on the harp, and also performs on guitar, accordion, and piano. We are very much looking forward to welcoming him at this year's concert, where he will play one set of music on a cross-strung harp and a second set on a Paraguayan harp, the national instrument of Paraguay.
Bay Area Holiday Harp Concert Ensemble

Ticket information

The concert will take place on Saturday, December 2, 2017, 4:00 p.m. at Los Altos United Methodist Church, 655 Magdalena Avenue, Los Altos, California.

Tickets are $15 for general admission, and $12 for children (4-12) and $12 for seniors (60+). Tickets are not available online for this event. For more information and to buy tickets, please contact Stephanie at (408) 366-8810 or email

We recommend buying tickets ahead of time, but if you wish to pay at the door, please note that we can accept only cash or checks – sorry, no credit cards.

Proceeds go to Harpeggio Music to help support studio activities, including this concert.

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